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New and Refurbished Toshiba 2000 Series Digital Phones

At Teldisco Inc. we sell 3 digital phones in the Toshiba 2000 Series.

Toshiba DADM-2020 20 Button Add-On Module


The Toshiba DADM-2020 provides 20 extra programmable buttons for your Toshiba DKT2000 series digital phone.

  • 20 button add-on module
  • Provides direct station selection, CO line, and speed dial buttons
  • Maximum of two per DKT2000 series phone
  • Connects to any Toshiba DKT2000 series digital phone

Toshiba DKT-2010SD Digital Phone



Toshiba DKT2010-SD is a digital multi-line speaker telephone with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The DKT-2010-SD has 10 flexible buttons which can be used as programmable features or co lines. The DKT- 2010-SD is compatible with all Toshiba Strata DK Systems. DKT 2010-SD features include: digital display, speaker phone, line button with LED, hold button, conference/transfer button, message waiting button, and volume button.

  • 10 Programmable Buttons
  • Digital 2 Line Display
  • Speaker Phone
  • LED on buttons
  • Compatible with all DKT, CTX and CIX phone systems

Toshiba DKT-2010SD Digital Phone


Toshiba DKT2020-SD Phone is a 20 button phone with a Speaker and Display. This Toshiba phone works on all Toshiba Strata Phone Systems. Although the Toshiba DKT2020-SD phone is an older model, it is still one of the best selling models of the Toshiba phones.

  • Programmable 20 LED Buttons
  • Telephone Line Appearances
  • Direct Station Selection
  • Toshiba DKT2020-SD Phone System Features
  • One-Touch Speed Dial
  • Intercom

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