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When your present system works fine and you see no reason to change, it can become frustrating when you are told that your wireless platform is being termed End of Life. This is the situation which faced one of the five major banks in Canada. It was their head office location and they were on a Cisco wireless platform and were very happy with its’ performance. Having nothing but positive feelings towards this equipment, they felt no reason to change, other than the fact that it was no longer being supported. Having the staff and technical knowledge in-house, they decided to maintain the equipment themselves. Concerned about accessibility to parts and additional equipment, they came to Teldisco for an inventory of spare parts and units, so that they could have this equipment available in case of emergencies or ongoing needs. By doing so, it allowed this bank to continue on with the equipment they were very happy with and also to extend the life of the product.

A major retailer had the need for a wireless platform, but did not allocate the budget for this purchase. At a number of their locations, they were using a Spectra link wireless platform. They also had people in-house that had the expertise and technical knowledge as to how to install and maintain this equipment. Their needs were for a complete system, which included access points, phones, and the common equipment. They originally pursued new equipment, but not having the money budgeted and with the high cost, could not get the proper approvals for the project. This organization came to Teldisco and we were asked to quote the same equipment refurbished. Teldisco could provide the same equipment with a similar warranty at approximately 30% of the original cost of new. This time this location received the approvals to install this equipment.

So, if you are in a situation where you have not allocated the proper resources to a project similar to this, consider refurbished. You might have more success getting approvals.


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