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It never hurts to get a second opinion

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One of Canada’s major banks advertises a slogan saying, "It never hurts to get a second opinion". We recently had a client call us with a telephone system that they were looking to sell. Knowing that they had excellent Nortel/Avaya equipment, we asked what it was they were replacing the equipment with. To our astonishment, the system they were replacing it with was exactly the same equipment that they presently had. After further questioning, the client made us aware that they were told in order to receive the savings from their telephone lines they had to also change out their present phone system. In fact, the telephone sales person was using the savings from the reduction in price for services (lines) to pay for a long term lease for equipment. We knew this was totally false. Both are separate issues.  We said to the client that if a technician came in to replace this equipment he would be smart to just leave it the way it was without disrupting anything.

We had the client call the phone company and they quickly provided the customer with the new reduced rates for their present services. Unfortunately, the sales person was falsely presenting their services in an unprofessional manner. The client now had to contact the phone company offering these services and cancel a lease they had committed to. The lease contract was cancelled to the satisfaction of the customer. Teldisco lost an opportunity to buy this equipment but we were able to save this company approximately ten thousand dollars in wasted spending. So the saying, it never hurts to get a second opinion worked in this situation.

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