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Relocating Your Office? Teldisco Can Help!

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Where and when is your office relocation?
Where you are moving to is important because it can affect your current phone numbers – even if it's just across the street you need to check! These days you always have the option of permanently diverting your existing number (if it comes to that), all because you may be relocating to a different central office exchange.

When your office relocation takes place is equally important. There are probably more things than you realize to be addressed and some of these have fixed time frames. Do not expect to have everything organized if you only start to do it a few days before the move. For example, it can take weeks, not days, to organize a PRI (primary rate interface service or VoIP SIP services.

Also, if you change your moving dates, carriers will often cancel your existing order and put you to the back of the queue. So firm dates are very important if you're getting new phone lines as well.

Does your new site have everything it should?
At least 40% of relocations require additional data or phone cabling. To ensure there are no hidden surprises for you, it is important to conduct a preliminary inspection of your system and the office site you are moving to. Please do not assume anything unless you have had a certified electrician or phone contractor tell you everything is in place, operational, and ready for the cutover.

For example, you may be moving into a site that had less staff than you do and there aren't enough phone points to accommodate your extensions.

Teldisco can help you with this site visit and provide you with absolute peace of mind and guarantees no surprises on the day of the relocation!

How much time should you allow for everything?
Lead times apply to all telecommunications services. Below is a guide of those times to help you effectively organize your office relocation timing.

Please read these carefully as time frames are not negotiable. Carriers can sometimes provide faster times but we have erred on the side of caution as it depends on their given workloads at any point in time. The following are the industry standard prescribed lead times.

Typical Phone company Relocation or installation of lines

Normal Business lines       5-10 days              ISDN or PRI Circuits            21-60 days

VOIP Services                      7-10 days              VOIL phone numbers         7-10 days

Internet and data connections          7-10 days

For all DSL services to be provided you must first have a PSTN (business line) service activated.


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