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How to change time on your Norstar phone system

fall back daylight savings 2014

Unless you want to show up at work an hour early.

Yes! It's that time of the year again, when you go around your house, searching for all timekeeping devices to turn back an hour.  Isn't it exciting to gain an extra hour of sleep?

While we cannot help you with your VCR and microwave, we can show you how to set time on your Norstar Phone System:



Changing the time on a Norstar System must be done using a display phone. Using a Norstar M7310 or Norstar T7316 the right two buttons under the display are NEXT and SHOW respectively.  You'll need a Norstar Programming Overlay, which you can download a printable version here.

  1.     To enter programming mode press FEATURE and “ **266344 ”
  2.     Enter Password (default=266344) display should read terminals and sets
  3.     Press next five times display should read Time and Date
  4.     Press Show display should read SHOW display should read hours___
  5.     Press soft key CHANGE
  6.     Enter Hours display should read AM ok or CHANGE
  7.     Select AM or PM
  8.     Press NEXT display should read minutes ___
  9.     Press soft key  CHANGE
  10.     Enter minutes
  11.     Press NEXT display should read year___
  12.     Press soft key CHANGE
  13.     Enter Year
  14.     Press NEXT display should read month ___
  15.     Press soft key CHANGE
  16.     Enter Month
  17.     Press NEXT display should read day ___
  18.     Press soft key CHANGE
  19.     Enter day
  20.     Press NEXT

It's that simple!

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