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Product End-Of-Life - Why you should not panic

product end life
Oh the horror.

Hold it!  Don't press the panic button, and here's why.

What is "END-OF-LIFE" (EOL)?

End of Life of a product means that the 

product will no longer be manufactured and supported by the manufacturer. There are a number of reasons why products reach the END OF LIFE cycle. They are:

  • Market demand change
  • Technology innovation
  • The product has reached its maturity stage and its functionality is not as rich as other products on the market

In many cases, support will still be provided to clients for a limited time after the last production date.  This time-frame depends on the product and relates to the expected product lifetime from a customer's point of view.  This means even though a product is being labelled as End-of-Life, it does not mean customers will stop receiving support immediately, nor the product will stop functioning.  It simply means the product is not orderable, and will not be supported by the manufacturer after a set date.

Don’t ever have that feeling that you are being backed into a corner with the term END OF LIFE.  Not every organization has either the budget or the need to change out their existing phone system. Many times companies selling new equipment put pressure on existing clients by introducing the phrase END OF LIFE.

That’s where Teldisco can help.

One product we have many requests for has been termed END OF LIFE for a number of years. Not only has this product been given the term END OF LIFE but the manufacturer (Nortel) is no longer around. However the product is still going strong and there is absolutely no reason to migrate to a new system.

At Teldisco, we carry all the products you were told that are end of life, whether it be a Nortel/Norstar phone, an card to an existing system, a hard drive for a voicemail, a software upgrade or even a cable that has been damaged, we will have in stock.

So remember, END OF LIFE is a term used by a manufacturer indicating the end of a product's useful life from the manufacturer’s point of view.  You as the user of the product should evaluate and determine the usefulness of the product yourself before pulling its power cord and migrate to a new system.


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