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What is Refurbished?

When consumers are on the market for technology, product defects automatically comes to mind when most individuals see the word "refurbished".  They tend to overlook the amazing deal that comes with purchasing refurbished items because they have a false view on used phone equipment. The products being sold as "refurbished" might have been used at some point, this contributes to the low prices. However, not all refurbished products automatically mean they are useless, they are still able to function the same way new products can. Here are a few categories that refurbished items fall into:

  1. Minor Exterior Damages: This may mean that during the time of shipment, there was a moment where the packaging was altered damaging the product. These products are then shipped back to the manufacturer to be refurbished before being sold to the market. Products like these do not necessarily mean they were used, but instead "opened".
  2. Demo's: Also known as "floor models", there were used for showcase events that demonstrate the functionalities of the product. This means that the product was used briefly by other people before being sold.
  3. Opened Box: This is a situation where the box a product came with was altered in some way. This could mean that the box was returned by a previous customer who opened it already. It does not necessarily mean that the product has been used but instead, the customer got the wrong color.


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