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Being a Part of AscdiNatd

Teldisco Inc. is a proud member of the Association of Service and Computer Dealers and the North American Association of Telecom Dealers group for over 20 years. The AscdiNatd is an association of various companies that buy, sell and service computer, telecom as well as other equipment and solutions.

AscdiNatd began in the United States during the 70's where a collection of companies decided to establish the organization.  Fast forward to 2017, the association now has hundreds of company’s world wide. They have a diverse group of people from small privately owned to massive companies that are Click here and you can find Teldisco in it's list of proud members.


The organization AscdiNatd was the first of it's kind to conceive a Code of Ethics which eventually became an industry standard.

The organization represent and promote the companies to end users, manufacturers as well as government agencies. Forums for discussions are provided, these platforms promote the distribution of opinions and perspectives. This allows companies to gain access to educational and promotional support needed to grow its business.

The AscdiNatd aims lead the fight for honest resellers regarding the issue of counterfeit, restrictions, and resale restriction to name a few. They constantly deal with legislators and regulatory agencies to protect the right to resell.

To learn more about the organization, click here to visit their website.


Celebrating 27 years in business, Teldisco provide high-quality great value telephone systems, office telephone and business telephone. In addition, we sell VOIP phones, telephone equipment, phone system parts, conferencing systems, headsets, and networking equipment. Teldisco is committed to bringing you the best deals on refurbished phone equipment.


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